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Shower Phone Holder Waterproof Wall Mount Shower TV Case HD Anti-Fog Mirror Phone Shelf Touch Screen Holder for Bathroom(Geek Blue)

Shower Phone Holder Waterproof Wall Mount Shower TV Case HD Anti-Fog Mirror Phone Shelf Touch Screen Holder for Bathroom(Geek Blue)

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  • Waterproof Protection: The waterproof shower phone holder can be installed on any smooth surface such as mirrors and tiles. Whether you are in the bathroom or kitchen, it can provide your phone with the best waterproof protection
  • Anti-fog Window: Under the protection of the shower shelf ,even if fog is generated during the bath, it will not affect the clarity of the phone screen, ensuring your viewing experience
  • Sensitive Touch Screen: The waterproof phone holder is equipped with a 0.25 mm flexible touch screen. You can freely touch it from the shower or bathtub, adjust the volume, change songs, play games, and scroll the news. Let happiness be by your side, don’t worry about water
  • Suitable for Most Phones: The universal size of the shower case is suitable for iPhone 11,iphone12 Pro, iPhone 13,Galaxy S21,all phones under 6.8 inches, providing the best waterproof protection. Arbitrary placement and adjustment, enjoy audio and video entertainment at any time. Whether in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, let your happiness never separate.
  • Non-hole Wall Hanging: The non-hole wall hanging design of the waterproof floating phone case is simple to operate, easy to paste, firm and stable, and the non-marking suspension can ensure that there is no trace when moving. Maximum bearing weight: 5kg,Non-marking wall sticker x2

Product Description

Enjoy the Fun of Video Anytime, Anywhere

The wall-mounted mobile phone holder adopts a 360° waterproof design and a high-permeability anti-fog film, which can isolate kitchen fireworks and steam, allowing you to enjoy the fun of video anytime, anywhere.

Product Details

Start a Convenient Life with Shower Phone Holder

Hole-free and traceless installation

60° fixed opening angle, easy to pick and place, prevent falling

High permeability anti-fog film, 360° no dead angle waterproof and anti-fog, support any touch screen operation

All-inclusive storage, not only suitable for bathrooms, but also in kitchens and toilets can provide you with a high-definition and seamless visual experience

Meet the Needs of Various Environments

Customer Reviews
4.0 out of 5 stars
Suitable iPad under 10.2inch G1/2 threaded shower hose Phones under 6.8inch Phones under 6.8inch Phones under 6.8inch
Touch Screen
Non-marking wall sticker 2PC 1PC 2PC 2PC
Bathroom hook
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